Buyer Beware-Benefits of a Phase I ESA

When purchasing a property it is always important to undertake a Due Diligence Pre-Purchase Inspection. Recently we were contacted by a client who had purchased a property and later found out that some of the Wetlands on the property had been filled by the previous owner. This led to a burden on the new owner including significant costs and a lot of stress to address this issue.

Often we are undertaking Phase I Environmental Site Assessments as Pre-Purchase Inspections for clients for potential contamination however it is important to be aware that they also provide additional information. A Phase I ESA for the site which had the wetlands filled, would have likely indicated this Wetland filling as these reports examine a range of historical aerial photos. Thus they provide a range of information to inform a property purchase.

Once a property purchase is finalised any issues become the responsibility of the new owner. Whether for a commercial property or a rural farm or quarter section, Environmental Due Diligence in the form of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is something that all buyers should undertake. They provide a range of useful information including a history of the site and potential risks. As such they assist buyers in making an informed decision on their property purchase.

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