Wildfire Protection

Although it is not something that is on our minds at this time of year, as we turn the corner into spring then summer wildfire protection is something which needs to be considered.  This is particularly important for  landowners near to forest but also grassland areas need to be considered.  Risks vary seasonally based upon levels of snow melt, rain, level of vegetation growth and levels of soil and vegetation moisture.  Good soil moisture levels early in the season followed by a lack of follow up rain results in high levels of fuel from vegetation growth leading to higher potential summer risks from wildfire.  It is worth remembering that even what appears to be a small risk can be heightened by lack of moisture and a quick drying off from high summer temperatures.  Fire spread and intensity on days with low humidity and windy conditions increases the risk to persons and property.

If you live in an area where there is a risk of wildfire now is the time to start thinking about the upcoming season and to prepare for this risk.  There are many management and preparedness actions which can be taken to reduce the risk.

For an assessment of your property for wildfire risk please give us a call.  As Environmental Consultants based in Calgary and Edmonton we service all of Alberta and British Columbia.  Our experience in Wildfire combined with Biophysical And Biological Impact Assessments along with Phase 1 ESA’s allows us to assist our clients with a range of assessments.