Phase 1 ESA Reports Edmonton

Did you know Anderson Environmental undertake Phase 1 ESA reports throughout Alberta?
If you are based in Edmonton or Calgary we have dedicated numbers specifically for those areas to help us serve you better!
All Phase 1 ESA Reports are undertaken in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z768-01:2003 (reaffirmed 2012).
Our reports are undertaken in accordance with the Alberta standard 300 metre search radius.

Phase 1 ESA Reports in Edmonton are also undertaken in accordance with The City of Edmonton Environmental Site Assessment Guidebook (2016). This guidebook provides detailed information for the level of assessment required for developments within The City of Edmonton which require a Phase 1 or Phase 2 ESA Assessment. You would usually undertake a Phase 1 EXA for a range of reasons some of which are included below.

  • Phase 1 ESA Reports for Rezoning
  • Phase 1 ESA Reports for Due Dilligence
  • Phase 1 ESA Reports for Financing

Most of our clients undertake a Phase 1 ESA to assist in reducing uncertainty about potential liabilities regarding a site purchase or activity. Some clients want a baseline for the site before they lease or purchase a site so when they leave the site they can indicate that it was in a certain condition when they acquired the site. A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment can assist with these outcomes and often they are required as a Commercial Phase 1 ESA Assessment for financing.
A Phase 1 ESA may lead to a Phase 2 ESA if there is evidence a site may have been contaminated. The role of a Phase 1 is the protection of the client and it is important to understand that it is not just a box ticking exercise as there are real risks associated with contaminated sites from both a health and financial perspective. Therefore it is very important to conduct an ESA to assist in making informed decisions about a properties history and contamination risk and assist in transactions and identifying baseline environmental conditions.

They also assist in meeting regulatory requirements, and sometimes as an initial step in site remediation (Canadian Standards Association Z768, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment).

Anderson Environmental offer a total service so if your Phase 1 does lead to a Phase 2 ESA being required we can handle both and will already have a good working knowledge of what needs to be done at the site.

The requirements for a Phase 1 ESA Edmonton – when undertaken for The City of Edmonton are provided below.

Requirements of the City of Edmonton for a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment (ESA)

As a small company providing Phase 1 ESA’s throughout Alberta including Phase 1 ESA’s for Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray and everywhere else our clients require we cover the whole of Alberta and provide a high level of professional service.
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